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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Computer security is everyone's responsibility

Computer security is like physical security.  If any of us create a vulnerability, we're all vulnerable.  It's like the college dorms, if you prop the door open or leave a window open, someone can use that vulnerability to steal from me.  The same is true with computers, although the situation is massively amplified because someone can use your computer plus several thousand or million others in a botnet to attack my computer or company.  As a result, we're all in the security game together.  I may have better security than you, and the NSA may have much better security than me, but you can help keep us all a little safer by improving your computer's security.

There are lots of sites out there that have good advice for aspects of computer security.  Many of them are targeted for techies or highly computer-savvy people.  However, I've just found a site called Securing Our eCity which provides advice and presentations for both families and businesses about computer security basics and current topics like some of the recent social networking viruses and online bullying.  If you have an interest in computer security (and if you're reading this blog, you probably do), take a look and see what you think.  Share it with your friends to let them know how they can stay safe online.  If we all help each other, we can make the internet a safer place.

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