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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Security B-sides

This week is RSA, when thousands of computer security folks converge on San Francisco to talk shop.  RSA has changed a lot over it's 20 year history, from a small gathering of cryptographers in a motel chatting about the latest crypto algorithms to paying up to this year paying up to $2,195 to listen to high-level presenters talking about the issues of the day.  For those of us who aren't managerial types, there are "expo passes" available so we can get in the building and talk to the assorted sales reps.

Things have changed a lot from those early days, and to try and recapture some of that "small group of people chatting about their experience" feeling, groups of volunteers have started smaller "anti-cons" called B-sides.  This year was my first year attending a Security B-Side conference, and I highly recommend it.  There were a variety of interesting and entertaining talks about everything from low-level techie stuff like reversing Android applications to building incident management policies and "Attacking Cyber Security Marketecture".  Everything was based on real personal experience at a variety of detail levels, which in my opinion was perfect.  Best of all, it was free, thanks to the generosity of the sponsors.  

For more opinions on B-sides, check out all the commentary on the internet and on twitter.  If you're in the area or have any excuse to be in the area, I highly recommend attending next year.

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